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At Sustainable Products, we are passionate about doing our bit for the environment and offering convenient, affordable, practical and stylish solutions to the everyday person in assisting them with their journey of replacing single use plastic options.  At Sustainable Products, we applaud society’s push to reducing the usage of single use plastic options for the betterment of the environment.

Ever thought of what you could do to contribute to this change? How can I make a difference?

We offer a curated selection of products to assist you in your day to day life, our Range includes reusable Shopping and Market bags, Food Storage options, and reusable straws, coffee cups and cutlery. We hope you’ll make this journey with us.

I must admit, not too long ago I was an avid consumer and didn’t put too much thought into product waste and the long-term consequences of where it was ending up. I however did start to notice more and more the excessive packaging that was made easily available for products within our supermarkets e.g. fresh fruit being packaged in small plastic  bags, which would then get packed into a large plastic bag at checkout, both of which were readily discarded by most.  We would use the good plastic bags as bin liners, but any bags that were torn or had holes which was a significant number would be thrown out. We have become so used to putting cling wrap or foil over left overs, buy a drink from a café and throw out the straws when done, have a party at home and use disposable plates and cutlery, it just didn’t seem right how accustomed we had become to single use plastic.

I thought we were doing our small bit as a family for the environment, in our small backyard we have a compost heap to recycle food scraps, we grow as much organic produce at home as he can, we have some fruit trees and a small vege garden. But was this enough?

Since having my two little girls, and seeing the love they have for the environment and keen interest in helping their dad with the garden, and voicing their concern of what we are doing for the environment; I thought it was time to re-vamp our lives and take a closer look into what else we can do to make change happen and do our bit for the environment.

A lack of variety of reusable products available that were cost effective and stylish led to the development of SustainableProducts.com.au.

We have sourced and trialled products that are functional, practical and cost effective for the everyday user, and most importantly look better than the cheap reusable bags you purchase from the supermarket. We hope that in time the use of these reusable solutions will become the norm in all our everyday lives and decrease the burden on our environment.

We hope you will also join our family on this mission.

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Our Range includes reusable Shopping and Market bags, Food Storage options, and reusable straws, coffee cups and cutlery.